1. melsephant:

    I’ve been playing cat simulator lately and it’s pretty fun

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  3. gaming-is-my-drug:

    I didn’t choose the gaming life, the gaming life kicked me in the stomach, punched me in the throat, and then dragged me down into the inner depths of Hell, and now I’m stuck with all this emotional pain about fictional characters.

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  4. clemvevo:

we gotta get to savannah


    we gotta get to savannah

  5. pixalry:

    Pokemon Tattoo Designs - Created by Jazmin Castillo

    You can follow the artist on Tumblr.

  6. Mass Effect start!

    I went with spacer, Sole Survivor, and Engineer. I also went with Default male Shep. It looks really fun so far, though, while trying to holster my gun I accidentally threw a grenade at a door. I saw it stick and was a genuine “oh crap” moment. Went and remapped like half the controls

    (What’s up with the eye textures on some of the characters. They look all bloodshot. Maybe someone is trying to hotbox the Normandy)

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  8. evankart:





    I’m crying.


    "You’re the worst friend ever" in a monotone voice
    I’m very happy

    this video keeps me going

    image “Bucky, r u sleeping?” “…” “Bucky, do you have-” “Shut up, I’ll kill you” “Bucky—”

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  9. Pictures from Tokyo Toy show 2014 where Pokemon Car Fennekin Edition was unveiled! 

    Via: pk-mn.com | Source: news.mynavi.jp

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